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Farm to Mom is our honest and diligent attempt to make highly nutritious, chemicals and preservative-free milk available to our city dwellers

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S. No. 155/5b/01, Flat No. 307, Abhalmaya Society, Pinaki Colony, Chovisawadi, Charholi Bk, Haveli, Pune, Maharashtra – 412105
+91 7057056100

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About Us

About Us

Diligent, Authentic, Responsible!This is heading element

Farm to Mom is a Diligent, Authentic, and responsible A2 dairy products company founded on the strong fundamentals of supporting the right nutrition. We are connected with Mother Nature to support our noble cause of contributing to your health through our innovative and nutritiously rich, high-quality dairy products.

We are committed to delivering 100% pure, fresh and organic milk from our farm to your Mom’s Kitchen Table. Our A2 Milk, A2 Bilona Ghee, and other dairy products are obtained from authentic Gir cow breed in the most natural, organic, and traditional way possible.

Delivering The Best Tasting,
Single Source A2 Milk

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Family’s health is and will always be a mothers first priority and the basic of health which even ancestors say is “Drink Milk for Health.”

Our founders are mothers who are family more than friends since many years.

Speaking about the origination of the idea, our director says, “My grandson had started falling ill frequently because of his consumption of adulterated milk and dairy products. He faced issues with digestion, gluten allergy, lactose tolerance issue.”

Meanwhile, she met rest of the women in family gatherings where they also faced similar issues and they all decided to solve this issue for them as well as for many such moms.

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The cows live in a healthy, happy & cruelty-free environment thereby producing only the best quality milk. The result is 100% pure dairy products with no added preservatives or growth hormones. Not just this but with our swift and efficient delivery model we ensure the milk reaches your doorstep within 18 hours of milking.

Our Vision

To see each family begin their day with our daily goodness i.e. authentic, nutrient filled and affordable A2 milk in order to ensure they become more healthier, wealthier and contributors to fitter India.

Our Mission

We are having a strong team with more than 70% women workforce tirelessly working to provide authentic and best A2 milk products to our consumers ensuring reasonable returns to the farmers as well.

Our Value

We are committed to the wellness of the community as a whole which includes preserving our natural environment, ensuring the health and longevity of the cows we breed, and promoting the right nutrition to ensure our community members maintain a superior standard of living.