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Farm to Mom is our honest and diligent attempt to make highly nutritious, chemicals and preservative-free milk available to our city dwellers

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S. No. 155/5b/01, Flat No. 307, Abhalmaya Society, Pinaki Colony, Chovisawadi, Charholi Bk, Haveli, Pune, Maharashtra – 412105
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Our 100% all natural dairy means no artificial hormones, no pesticides, and no preservatives. From our cows to your doorstep in hours ,our milk is wholesome and nutritious and, of course, delicious.

Nope. Farm to Mom Milk comes from cows NOT treated with hormones, our cows live in a natural environment we treat them with respect and dignity.

Our cows are like family members to us. At Farm to Mom Dairy Farms, we treat our cows with ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines . If one of our cows falls severely ill, the latest treatment is provided to ensure the best possible outcome in such cases we only treat cows that are ill ,with antibiotics, The milk is discarded during treatment and after following recommended withdrawal times. We strongly feel that this is the only ethical solution rather than destroy sick animals.

38 cow years. As for human years, 7 .

The cows are milked daily and receive personal attention to make sure that their health is maintained. We keep personal records on each cow and calf to assure growth and development proceed as normal. A local veterinarian provides all the required preventative health measures, as well as any unexpected situations. They have covered shelter to rest or sleep and are provided a grazing area for their pleasure and comfort.

A1 and A2 refers to the type of beta-casein—one type of protein found in cows’ milk (the other is whey). Most cows produce a combination of these two proteins. Some scientists and health practitioners believe that cow’s milk with a dominant or singular A2 protein type produce an easier-to-digest milk. There is a significant amount of science that suggests that after cows were domesticated, a natural genetic mutation changed the amino acids from proline to histidine based, and created a different beta-casein protein, now referred to as A1.

The test for A1 and A2 is possible through a DNA test by taking blood samples of each and every cow.

Our cows are fed with hay, silage and, of course, grass while they graze in the pasture cultivated naturally, and enjoy the nature. They wash it down with fresh, clean water to quench their thirst and help them produce the freshest, tastiest milk.

he primary difference of Farm to Mom Dairy is that we are also the farmers. We began as farmers, still are farmers, and make our products with milk from our own farm. Since 2013 we have associated and collaborated with small family farms where we milk those cows which grace in our pastures cultivated naturally . Most of the forage (silage) is grown on our farm along with many acres of pasture from which the cattle graze. Often, milk travels across many hands before it is processed into its final product. Farm to Mom Dairy products, which can be from the cow to your home in as little as 12 hours. At Farm to Mom Dairy, we are always re-evaluating and improving our environmental practices. We work hard to ensure that our product is the best on the market.

Milk can be frozen and thawed in the refrigerator or in cold water, however, it is not recommended since the quality of milk is affected. The milk protein is destabilized and particles may appear floating in the milk. A better solution is to purchase only the amount of milk you can use within a week.